Refill disposable oxygen cylinders

Summer Is here and its time to go camping! I go through a lot of the small 1lb cylinders of propane. They are used for my stove, Lanterns, Heaters, etc. No more! I know what you are thinking, why build this when you can buy a refill adapter ready made for your tank.

CO2 Regulator & Oxygen Regulator?

Disclaimer: this is the way I refill cylinders. I do not claim to be an expert, and I take no liability for mistakes you make. If you blow yourself up, don't blame me! Did you use this instructable in your classroom? Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson. A 1lb Cylinder has a pressure relief valve.

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This is a safety feature that will vent excess pressure from a bottle. It looks much like a valve from a tire. I found all my parts at my local hardware store. I am sure they can be ordered on line as well. I no longer use the tire valve tool to vent the small tank. It is safer to use a needle-nose pliers to pull up the vent valve. The pressure relief valve is set at the factory.

And yes it can be accomplished with a Harbor Freight valve adapter, but it is much easier to use an angled setup with more room. Close the quarter turn valve and open the tank valve. Then invert the entire setup. You should here propane rushing in to the bottle.

Due to the fact that we have the 5 gallon tank inverted, we are pushing liquid in to the 1lb cylinder.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

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refill disposable oxygen cylinders

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Previous Next.Discussion in ' Homebrewing ' started by jbakajust1Feb 2, Community BeerAdvocate. Dismiss Notice Protip: Log in now to hide ads. Can a CO2 regulator be used on an O2 tank? I have CO2 and reg and would like to use O2 for oxegenating my wort, can I use the same regulator for both or do I need a different regulator for O2?

TheMonkfish Initiate 0 Jan 8, Chad. In a word No They have different threads. It's not just the left hand threads. Regulators for flammable gases are built differently and cost more than 'neutral' gas regulators. A tiny leak in your CO2 regulator means you'll waste some gas. With oxygen, you'll blow up your house.

Plenty of gory details available on welding or chemical safety websites. If you don't want to pay retail and live near a large city you might find a shop that deals in used welding equipment. These places will generally check out regulators before selling them.

I'd do what hopsandmalt says. Thanks for all the feedback gents. I'll be getting an O2 set up soon then. Thanks again. I did some rough math on buying a regulator and tank of O2.

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I can do about batches for the same price if I just buy the disposable tanks and a stone. PortLargo Devotee Oct 19, Florida. As others have mentioned the threads do not match, this is industry standard to prevent mis-matches. What I suggest is to check out flea markets and second hand stores even yard sales.

A common type O2 cylinder is a Type E which you sometimes find with a regulator already attached. This is a tall skinny cylinder for medical use that is commonly seen strapped to the back of a wheelchair or mounted on a wheeled carrier. This uses a CGA yoke connection for the regulator which is shown attached above.Privacy Terms.

Gold Refining Forum. Quick links. If you need help with the processes Its a small torch using disposable tanks. It works very well and it was fairly inexpensive. My only complaint is the oxygen runs out really fast 30 mins tops if used conservativly and at 8 bucks a pop for a new oxy tank, it gets expensive. I have a full size oxy tank, like the kind welders use with their oxy acetelyne torches.

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My question is Can I hook this to my small torch kit? Will this work? I would need some kind of adapter to connect them. The Regulator that connects to my disposable tanks has a left handed thread and is a smaller size fitting than the larger tanks.

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I have looked everywhere I can think to find an adapter to no avail. I had the idea of connecting using an old disposible tank.

refill disposable oxygen cylinders

I drilled a hole in it and welded a fitting to it, allowing me to connect a line to the large oxy tank. I could then connect the regulator to the left handed threaded disposable tank. Yes I am cheap as well as impatient.

LOL Will this work? I have not applied this idea as of yet. Will I blow my shop up Thanks any help will be appreciated.

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I went over and asked him to at least wait until I had a chance to leave the yard, he then asked why. Oil and oxygen do not mix, I will take the suppliers word on this. I had attended a safety seminar put on by Air Liquid only weeks before. Your best advised not to modify equipment designed exclusively for use on your compressed gas tanks.In addition, there is an automatic valve in the fitting activated by a pin inside the female fitting.

The fitting with both the threads and pin are called Type 1 or QCC-1 fittings. Don't expect even sales people to know this. My notes are unclear.

For Oxygen Worthington, Bernzomatic 1. This seems plausible because the cylinders are regulated by "Title 49 CFR For 20 pound 5 gallons Liquefied Propane cylinder type 4BA the pressure will vary by temperature.

At 70 degrees Fahrenheit, the pressure should be PSI. This rises to PSI at degrees Fahrenheit max recommended storage temperature. Transportation temperature may be different. The service pressure is specified at a maximum of PSI. Burst pressure is not specifically regulated for Type 4AB, but designs are typically regulated to minimum burst pressure of four times service pressure PSI. This is confusing because the pressure at degrees would be over service pressure. This may because service pressure may be lower than storage pressure Burst pressure is likely lower, so beware.

Relief valves may be removed using a tire valve stem remover center hole may need to be drilled out larger to fit.

refill disposable oxygen cylinders

Obviously, do no remove relief valves from tanks under pressure. AS Type The terms male and female are not used as often with gas threads because certain fittings may seem to be male, but have internal threads. Fittings for 1-pound disposable propane tanks are a good example. Why are there so many different, weird threads?

The threads on compressed gas tanks were standardized this way deliberately to make it difficult to accidentally combine tanks, gasses, and fittings in unsafe ways.

Simply marking a tank or painting it different colors is not enough to prevent tanks from getting mixed up.

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You don't want the wrong tank screwed into your oxygen supply when you are having surgery.Online orders are still being processed for delivery by carrier, however please understand that orders are taking up to 3 days to be dispatched. For further details on delivery please contact sales weldingsuperstore.

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Non-refillable Cylinders

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How to use an Oxygen tank?

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Plasma Cutting v Machines.Contact Us. Product Registration. Product Support. Each year, tens of millions of non-refillable cylinders and hand torches are sold to tackle projects from plumbing and electrical work to craft making, upcycling, cooking and grilling. Bernzomatic has made the highest quality products since Our mission through CylinderSafe is for people to use and dispose of handheld non-refillable fuel cylinders employing safe and proper techniques. With your help, we can make that happen.

Not sure how to properly dispose of your empty non-refillable cylinders? Procedures for disposing of these empty non-refillable cylinders vary by location. Enter your ZIP code for contact information for your local solid waste authority. Read and follow important safety warnings included with Bernzomatic fuel cylinders and hand torches.

Check cylinder and appliance seals before using Bernzomatic products. Never use cylinders with damaged or missing seals. Discard cylinders if dirt or rust particles are present in valve areas. Make sure your torch head is turned off before attaching a fuel cylinder. Be sure to hold the cylinder upright while attaching hoses or appliances. Hand tighten only — never use tools to tighten — as over-tightening can damage seals. Check for leaks once appliances are attached, put soapy water on connections and look for bubbles.

Also listen for the hiss of escaping gas; feel for extreme cold; and smell for rotten egg odors. Do not use if you detect fuel is leaking. During use, hold hand torches upright to prevent flare-ups or flashes. If appliance sputters or flares up, turn cylinder upright and turn unit off. Vent area to remove unburned gas. Allow hand torches to cool after use. Detach the fuel cylinder for the hand torch when not in use and replace caps to keep valves clean.

Never drop, throw or puncture fuel cylinders.

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